Iribhu_website_photo work as an assistant professor in the department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Assam, India. My research interests lie primarily in the areas of Detection and Estimation, Adaptive and Statistical Signal processing, and signal processing for large antenna arrays.



If you are a student at IIT Guwahati, and want me to recommend you for an internship, or for graduate school, I will be happy to do so. However, please note that I can only refer/recommend students who have either done one of my courses, or have done a project under my supervision. 


अमंत्रमक्षरं नास्ति नास्ति मूलमनौषधम्‌ ।
अयोग्यः पुरुषो नास्ति योजकस्तत्र दुर्लभः॥

there is no sound that is not a mantra, no plant that is not medicinal |
there is no person unworthy, what is lacking is an ‘enabler’ ||