A film adaptation of the aftermath of the Challenger disaster, showcasing Richard Feynman’s part in the investigation despite his failing health can be found here.

A comic on Bill Watterson’s (The creator of Calvin and Hobbes) “A Cartoonist’s Advice” can be found here.

A nice article on aspirations and achievements can be found here, and one of the best career counselling videos that I know of, here.

William Ernest Henley’s Invictus  adapted as a comic tribute to Nelson Mandela can be found here.

Premchand’s “Eidgah” can be found here, and Harishankar Parsai’s take on the state of Premchand’s shoes “Premchand ke phate joote”, here.

A hyperbolic account of a PhD student’s life (or the lack of it) misdirected by Jaspal Bhatti can be found here .