Jaishankar Prasad’s Gunda (not be confused with the Kanti Shah movie of the same name), can be found here, and Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s Shakti aur Kshama here. For those interested, here is Ramdhari Singh Dinkar reciting Vyaal Vijay.

A film adaptation of the aftermath of the Challenger disaster, showcasing Richard Feynman’s part in the investigation despite his failing health can be found here.

A comic on Bill Watterson’s (The creator of Calvin and Hobbes) “A Cartoonist’s Advice” can be found here.

A nice article on aspirations and achievements can be found here, and one of the best career counselling videos that I know of, here.

William Ernest Henley’s Invictus  adapted as a comic tribute to Nelson Mandela can be found here.

A hyperbolic account of a PhD student’s life (or the lack of it) misdirected by Jaspal Bhatti can be found here .