Topics For Literature Review and Coding Assignment

Topics for Literature Review and Coding Assignment

1. Cyclostationarity


Cyclostationarity or second order periodicity is a feature exhibited by many modulated signals, and researched extensively by William A. Gardner. What I want you to do in the literature review is write what you understand about cyclostationarity, and its applications. Of course with proper equations and definitions of symbols.  The coding assignment requires you to generate BPSK and QPSK signals, and plot their cyclic autocorrelation function and cyclic spectral density under no noise, and SNRs of -10 dB 0 dB and 10 dB, and comment on the use of cyclostationary features for detection of communication signals.

2. KLT


The Literature Review requires you to review the applications of the Karhunen–Loève transform, such as its use in data compression and feature classification (50%), and provide a critical analysis (SWOT like analysis) of PCA, Fishers LDA and ICA with special emphasis on face recognition (50%).

For the coding assignment: A. Plot the PSNR vs compression ratio for an image using the KLT, DCT, and DWT (use the Haar wavelet and any one Mexican Hat wavelet of your choice) (40%).  B. Download the eigenfaces data set here and using the experimental procedure described here plot matching accuracy vs the number of features used for the PCA algorithm.