EE 360 : Embedded Systems

Class Timings: Mon to Wed (2:00-2:55: pm) Venue: Room No. 2201, Core-2

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Lecture Slides (You need to be signed in using your iitg email address.) These are live links to the lecture slides, and all the changes/annotations I make during the class will be updated here. Chapter 1 (Introduction and Performance Measurement) 
Chapter 2 (Instruction Set Architecture)
Chapter 3 (Arithmetic for Computers)
Chapter 4 (Processor Design and Pipelining)
Chapter 5 (Memory Management)

Get the question papers from 2019 here

Mid Sem, End Sem, Supplementary

Coding Project Examples: Click here to look at the problems given as course project in 2018. Use P2 and P3 as examples for selecting your problem.

History/ Journalistic Project Examples:
Here are some well researched videos on the history/ journalism of computing, prepare something like this. Just do remember that instead of the general audience intended for these videos, your presentation should be targeted towards a technical audience and should be of 15 to 20 minutes.

Also, here is Richard Feynman talking about computers